Thank you to the 87 Clients that completed our Survey this past June and July.

1. What do you think we are doing well or like?

  a. providing the groom that you want                                                        98%

  b. charging a reasonable price                                                                  98%

  c. providing courteous service                                                                   99%

  d. providing appointments when you need them                                      92%

  e. answering phone messages promptly                                                   93%                 

  f. providing a well-kept environment                                                         92%

  g. our location                                                                                              86%      

  h. our business hours                                                                                  86%

2. What do you think we could do better to meet your dog's grooming needs? 

Comments were:

Nothing, you are wonderful.  Not a thing, you are wonderful!  Not a thing.

I am always satisfied with Jessica's work - everything is perfect.

I have a twit for a dog, and she loves Jess. You are amazing.  EVERYTHING AWESOME!            

Nothing, we love coming here. Everything was wonderful. Love all that you do for our baby.

Jess does an amazing job of meeting my elderly dog's and my needs.

3. If there was one thing you would like us to do what would it be?

A few people mentioned that they would like for us to have on-line booking. We understand how that would be more convenient for our customers however, financially and because of the nature of our business this is something we cannot accommodate. There was also a comment about extended and Saturday hours. We are thinking about being open on one Saturday every month later this year. Until then on certain circumstances Jess will make an appointment for a Saturday morning.

4. Would you recommend us to a friend or neighbor?                    

       99% of those surveyed said YES